About Haus of Charm

Founded in 2020, Haus of Charm became a reality for Mycha Spencer. It was a Dream manifested in hard-work and dedication, a dream that could only be built on the right foundation which starts with love. Love is the founding principle of HOC. Through love, and as a team it is our mission to bring a light of optimism, confidence and hope for others to go chase their dreams and create their version of success!

Haus of Charm provides a plethora of services. Thatʼs what makes us so
charming. The services we provide are hair cutting, custom hair coloring, custom hydration and clarifying treatments and hair extensions installations.

We provide a private luxury salon suite experience . Everything from security monitored buildings, massaging shampoo chairs to aromatherapeutic smells and lighting to accommodate every vibe imaginable. The ambiance of Haus of Charm gives you the perfect VIP salon experience!

Mycha Spencer

Founder and CEO

Hair has always been my language, as far back as I can remember. Iʼve always been so intrigued by hair and how powerful it is to transform someones perception about themselves. Doing hair as a professional, has been such a spiritual awakening for me. When Iʼm doing my clients hair, I have the ability to make people feel GREAT. Not just when they look at themselves in the mirror but internally where it matters the most.

I’ve been in the beauty industry for 9 years. The first 5 years I started out at a Redken Elite commission salon and became grounded in my craft and traveled all over the USA for prestigious education in hair color and hair extensions. Then I relocated to a booth rental salon for a year. After a year of renting a chair, thankfully, I took the leap of faith to chase my dreams and start Haus of Charm salon studio. After giving birth to my twins I didn’t stop there. I got a full scholarship to DKW Academy where we focus on NBR hair extensions and business skills. It’s my mission to provide the ultimate hair salon experience and be the hair expert my community needs.

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